The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide Tour – Clovis, CA

I have been a Chris Colfer fan since I was 13 years old. That’s how old I was when Glee premiered.

I took note of him immediately because he was from Central California, like me. The only reason I had initially watched Glee was because I thought it was cool that someone who grew up ten minutes away was on a TV show on FOX. How insane?!

Fast forward eight years, I’m 21, Glee has been over for two years, Chris is on his book tour promoting the sixth and final installment in his The Land of Stories series, and there’s a Clovis date on the list scheduled for July 25th. I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Let me begin by saying that to get into the event, you had buy Worlds Collide, Book 6 in the series, from local independent bookstore Petunia’s Place (they were hosting the event). I had never visited Petunia’s Place prior to going to buy the book, so let me just tell you this important piece of information: It’s. So. Cute. It primarily focuses on Children’s books, but recently expanded to include YA as well, so I will 100% be back soon.

Okay, onto the event.

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Chris was late.

Like, really late. Like, the event was supposed to begin at 2, but instead started a little before 3. I’m not mad about it though, it really wasn’t that bad. The theater was air conditioned and at one point Ashley Fink walked by me and my soul left my body. I love her. Lauren is a character from Glee I still think about to this day.

When Chris finally walked out onto the stage, I couldn’t help but smile at the applause and love everyone had for his return to little ol’ Clovis. It was so sweet and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.

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Chris opened with a reading from Worlds Collide. Let me quickly insert that I haven’t read any of the books from the series, so I was worried about being majorly spoiled or completely not understanding what was going on, but Chris chose the perfect section to read from that allowed me to quickly understand the characters and laugh along with everyone else.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, why go to a book event for the sixth book in a series you’ve never read? Listen… Why not? I love Chris Colfer and I know I’m going to pick up the first book eventually. I’m just a busy and broke college student at the moment, okay! Give me a break!

Anyway. After he did his reading he played TLOS trivia with the audience, which completely went over my head but was fun to watch nonetheless, and then there was a costume contest. If you came dressed up as one of the characters from the books then you got to go onstage for Chris to judge and pick the best costumes.

There were so many Little Red Riding Hoods and a lot of frogs, but my favorites–Mother Goose and the Magic Mirror–won. I picked them both out before the event had even started. The Magic Mirror was in my row, so I got to see his costume up close beforehand and it was so genius, and I saw Mother Goose walking around with her flask and I screamed. A true queen. The whole contest was very intense and I should have placed bets honestly.

After the costume contest there was an audience Q&A and then he closed with another reading. As everyone exited, we got our signed copies of Worlds Collide and were on our way.

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I seriously had the best time and I couldn’t stop smiling all afternoon. Chris was so sweet and hilarious and quick witted. I loved every minute and I’m so thankful he decided to return to the Central Valley on this tour. We don’t get a lot of big book events like this over here, so hopefully authors start to take note and we see more pop up.

All six books in The Land of Stories series are available now. You can go here for more info.

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