2018: My Best Reading Year

A year ago, I was in my bedroom, sitting at the desk I’m currently sitting, admitting to myself that I let my mental health get the best of me in 2017 and because of that, my reading suffered. I came to this corner of the internet and talked about how I had only read 10Continue reading “2018: My Best Reading Year”

Track-by-Track: Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ is the coming-of-age pop album we needed

Troye Sivan is a guy that I have watched take over the music world on pure talent and a special kind of humility and kindness. From a YouTube career that started in his bedroom, to a music career that takes him across the globe on headlining tours, Troye is someone I will always be happyContinue reading “Track-by-Track: Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ is the coming-of-age pop album we needed”