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Jane The Virgin S5E02 Chit-Chat

The following contains spoilers for S5E02, "Chapter Eighty-Three," of Jane The Virgin. I'm just trying to live my best Jane and Rafael life, and Michael-Jason keeps ruining it. I was screaming at my TV throughout this entire episode, mostly of frustration towards the guy that both Jane and I wish had never come back. Let's… Continue reading Jane The Virgin S5E02 Chit-Chat

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Book Review: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

Two hundred and thirteen years ago today, July 12, 1804, Alexander Hamilton died. I never gave much thought to Alexander Hamilton. Or any. He was just the dude who wrote those long essays I didn't read or pay any attention to in history class. Enter Lin-Manuel Miranda, 2009, dangling in front of the world the idea of… Continue reading Book Review: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life