Jane The Virgin S5E03 Chit-Chat

The following contains spoilers for S5E03, “Chapter Eighty-Four,” of Jane The Virgin. 


Hello friends, we are a few days late to this chit-chat for the simple reason that my mind has been too focused on the new and final season of Game of Thrones coming out this Sunday to be able to write anything. After I watched this week’s Jane, I immediately went into rewatching old GoT instead of coming here. But I have my notes beside me (yes, I take notes during Jane), so let’s get started!

I was hoping the entire first part of the episode, when Jason goes on about courting Jane and begs her for a date, was a hallucination. For real, I was hoping the narrator would cut in and be like, “This is what really happened, my friends.” But nope. Jason really is the most annoying human on the planet and forced Jane to go on a date with him in order for her to get their divorce papers.

Gif via @CWJaneTheVirgin on Twitter.

We finally got a good amount of Mateo screen time in this episode and he finally saw Jason. My theory about Mateo bringing back Michael’s memory was wrong, but honestly, Michael got his memory back in the same episode we have a lot of Mateo screen time? I’m counting it as a win.

We also FINALLY got some Jane and Petra time! I was honestly so upset they were arguing and not on each other’s side, so I’m so happy her and Jane talked and we got to see that scene. And that Petra was more upset over not having a friendship/sisterly bond with Jane was so touching. I cried.

The highlight of the episode for me was probably all the talk of pay parity. And I love that it was Rogelio who got this plot line. He ended up giving me my favorite line of the episode: “It’s always been my dream to be famous in America. But I’m starting to wonder. Why am I so desperate for validation from a country that doesn’t seem to value or accept me?”

This line bought me to tears. It’s a question every minority asks themselves at some point in their life. 

Now. The ending of this episode. First, we begin by me screaming because Jane and Rafael were talking about their future!!!!! Adopting kids!!! I can’t. I love them so much.

Gif via @CWJaneTheVirgin on Twitter.

Then. Jason showing up at Jane’s house to say bye to her and give her a fishing pole. Then when he left, the fishing pole scrapes the roof, causing paint chips to fall like SNOW. When I say I SCREAMED. Ya’ll. Then we get a montage of Jane and Michael moments and when we flash back to Jason–Michael?!–it FEELS like Michael.

The ending left me breathless and I think I fell in love with Michael all over again so now, ya girl is worried. What if Jane’s worries of Michael coming back and her catching feelings for him actually happens?! I DID NOT expect myself to feel that glow in my heart upon Michael’s return. I expected to not care for him as much as I don’t care for Jason. BUT THERE WAS THAT TINY BIT OF FEELING IN MY HEART.

I am praying Jane is stronger than me. So far we’ve been on the same page, but I really hope we are on completely different chapters next episode and she remains sure about wanting to be with Raf. That is, if Michael decides to tell everyone he got his memory back and if he decides stay. He could just up and leave and that could be the end of it. This is a telenovela after all.

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