It has been five years and the Jonas Brothers are still ruining my life

I love new music. It’s exciting and wonderful and because it’s not a physical, stationary thing, it provides us with an ever-changing life soundtrack. New music is amazing.

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 4 Finale: My Thoughts and Theories

Jane The Virgin is a show that has meant the world to me for many years.

I see my life and the things I care about, reflected in Jane’s life and the things she cares about. It’s a show that has brought me closer to my culture and made me proud of who I am. It’s incredibly written and acted and so self-aware. It’s funny, emotional, shocking, and heartfelt. I truly believe there will never be another show like it once it (allegedly) comes to a close next season.

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March For Our Lives – Fresno, CA

I was 11 years old when the Virginia Tech shooting happened. I was actually at school, in class, when I looked up and saw my 5th grade teacher with this look of horror on her face. She told us we were safe, but that on the other side of the country someone had shot and killed people at a school. It was the first time I learned what a school shooting was.

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Do I Give [Insert Problematic Band Here] A Second Chance?

Last week 5 Seconds of Summer released “Want You Back,” the Australian band’s first single since 2015.

I didn’t care. Until I saw my friends tweeting positive reviews of the song. Friends I trust wholeheartedly.

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Adventures In Baking: 8-bit Heart Cookies

I have always loved to bake and cook. Always. I think it’s something fun and therapeutic to do, and seeing people enjoy something you make is always nice.

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